Charge tourists/out of state visitors $50-100 to hike the stairs while the hike remains free for residents of Hawaii. The Moanalua Ridgeline Trail leads directly to the peak of the stairway, is equally as beautiful of a hike, and offers plenty of thrills of its own. Two adults, 17 year-old, 15 year-old, & an 11 year-old? Been to Oahu a number of times, never climbed the Stairway to Heaven. If you can’t obey the laws in Hawaii, DON’T COME. I want to hike as many mountains and find as many waterfalls as possible! Kauai and Ohau are the best locations for hiking. I am looking forward for your next post. You can completely avoid the guards and security at the start of the trailhead if you follow the Moanalua Trail. It is one of the most intact blanket bogs in Western Europe and is an area of enormous environmental value. It is amazing to walk up in the dark and then see where you hiked as you descend down in the daylight. parks park in the second one and it will take time off the walk. I highly advise you guys to hike Stairway to heaven this way. This map below shows the pin location of the satellite at the top of the stairway to heaven on Oahu. Pingback: 80 THINGS TO DO ON OAHU - THE BUCKET LIST - Journey Era. You will avoid a possible fine of up to $1000 and not risk getting involved with the police. amazing travel blog I am interested to read your blog daily. Shoot me a DM on IG @ adrianthefitkid. Will fuck you to noo end. If you have to break a few rules here and there to enjoy this beautiful place we call planet earth then that’s how it goes. Close the hike, pull down the stairs and the liability is then gone. Y ou’ll often hear the mighty Cuilcagh Boardwalk / Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail referred to as the ‘Stairway to Heaven Ireland’.. I’d love to hike these stairs when I goto Hawaii later this year, but man it sounds like a big risk. From here we had to sneak our way through knee-high undergrowth as quietly as six tired and anxious people in the dark can. Stairway to Heaven Trail, Vernon: zobacz recenzje, artykuły i zdjęcia dotyczące Stairway to Heaven Trail w serwisie Tripadvisor w Vernon, New Jersey I would love to go on this Hike, but I think that price for a hike is a little too much, and after reading your blog I don’t think they should be selling this on Groupon, because it seems like it is still closed? It was safety tips that outlined how to go up the stairs safely and pass people on the stairs. I do believe all of the ideas you have offered for your post. Not cool dude to promote this even knowing it’s illegal and dangerous. THE ONLY THING THAT IS STOPPING THIS FORM HAPPENING IS STUPID LIABILITY! If so, please send me an email Should we make a petition for funding to repair the stairs and re-open? We recommend that if you do this hike, try as hard as possible to attempt it with someone who has been before. 4. The question as to why it is illegal is a little bit less straight forward and involves money and liability. One fateful night, the weather seemed perfect and we made a last minute decision to go for it. Article is a little deceptive. Didn’t you come halfway across the world to swim in the beach! We all need to stand up and fight for the Haiku Stairs because it truly is one of the worlds great wonders!!! I stopped frequently to peer down at the Highway that continually got smaller and smaller as we climbed towards platform one. Email:, Pingback: 50 Amazing Things to Do in Hawaii | Borders & Bucket Lists, Is anyone hiking this on 3/31? hey do you think a 14 and 15 year old can do this hike? I had never heard about it until I heard about it from the local that I was staying with and once I heard about it like all men I had the immediate determination to conquer it. : Wawayanda was the name the Lenape Indians gave to a creek they … Hi, How exactly did you arrive to the start point of the hike? Bucket list item for sure. Hike boardwalks, a suspension bridge, hardwood forest, fields of wildflowers, train tracks, a cow pasture, a boulder field… before steeply climbing the “Stairway to Heaven” to one of the best viewpoints in NJ: Pinwheel’s Vista. I just want to start off with this about the haiku stairs…. , IG: Saraxfaisal Hi Liva…would like to do this hike as well. Kaine lundqvist or , staying in waikiki and have a car if you need transport. Is anyone interested joining us for the hike? If you like to get some ideas for these islands check out our blog: would love to do it. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Anyone going to the Island on those days that want to climb either legal or illegal (I prefer the legal way)? This blog post will be updated regularly with information that many people share with me about the topic so that you can be best prepared for your hike up the infamous stairway. It was still amazing although we didn’t make it to the very top. who’d have to respond to recover your bodies” news flash that is their freaking jobs they know what they signed up for, have you ever heard something called job security??? Sorry, brother. How selfish can you be disrupting the neighborhood and security at 3am just to get shots for the gram. You can either live a safe, unadventurous, and empty life by being tied down by ridiculous laws (which only serve the purpose of making the govt money), or you can live a life filled with adventure, discovery, and fulfilling experiences! It wasn’t the sunrise of the year but it shone yellows and oranges throughout Haiku Valley and lit up the stairway we had just climbed. This is my Journey Era. You will get muddy. Don’t carry too much as it is very steep . Originally the stairs were built in 1942 … I will be there from May 2-May 5. Overview: The Stairway to Heaven hike is a 1.3 mile section of the Appalachian Trail in Wawayanda State Park that climbs Wawayanda Mountain and leads to a viewpoint called Pinwheel’s Vista, with a view of Vernon Valley, the Kittatinny Ridge, and even the Shawangunk and Castkills. I couldn’t believe we had just hiked the Stairway to Heaven. Require all people to purchase a permit for $10 from the Parks and Recreation Department before hiking the Stairway to Heaven. It would be my sister and boyfriend. Me and my wife will be doing the hike sometime during our stay on the island Nov15-26, looking for others that will be going. It took us less than two hours to make it to the beginning of the stairs. Once you enter a large boulder field, the trail becomes more difficult and pick up elevation. Id love to go as a group! Stairway to Heaven is one that we havn’t tried mostly because it’s ‘illegal’ Today I went on Groupon to check out the activities they have, and noticed that Stairway to Heaven hike is being sold for 170 per person. At the summit, we found another old cabin with huge antennae on top. That sure makes life easier although always be prepared for rain. let loose a bit anonymous it not like they break it when they walk up. You’re an entitled asshole. There is no toilet facilities along the trail. If so, where did you leave the car parked? This would take the liability away from the state and is similar to the rules and regulations for camping grounds. Charging a fee seems to be a reasonable approach, but there is still the “who is liable” issue. Will be in Hawaii from Dec 20 to Jan 1 2019. Packing a spare change of clothes was a game changer. My wife and I are there nov 12-20 and would love to do the hike. I was a college student trying to pay rent and that kind of fine could incur real financial trouble for me. I don’t have twitter, but DM me on Instagram if you have insta @lexesohara I definitely prefer going with a few people! You’re a really practical web site; couldn’t make it without ya! You don’t actually use the stairs to reach the viewpoint but you can still walk partway down the stairs for some photos before returning to the summit and heading back down the legal route. You were still on the stairs which is illegal. We continued to make our way carefully up towards platform two, where we found an abandoned cabin with old machinery lying inside. Because people don’t want liability, not for any other reason. WHERE TO STAY ON OAHU: WHICH REGION IS BEST FOR YOU? IG: 0ptimisticmike, Love following this…Wife and I interested in doing the Stairs for the first time on Monday 10/29….anyone want to join? Hi guys, im going to Hawaii on Labor Day weekend… is anyone interested in doing that status of heaven with me? Hiking shoes – I did it in sneakers but the more grip the better as it can be slippery, Rain Jacket – The weather can turn quickly in the mountains, Spare t-shirt (to change into at the top to be dry and warm as you will sweat through your original shirt). After almost two hours we were moments from reaching the summit. Me and my wife came here just to hike the stairs and we encountered the police as well, who told us to turnaround. Going there in Feb, plan on going up the back way, and taking the stairs down, and walking past the guard, walking down the street, and calling an Uber. May just you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? It isn’t a hard hike compared to some others. more, Things to do near Stairway to Heaven Trail. Pack the basics. It was impossible for us and the police showed up within minutes we had to sneak out. From my house to the top of the Stairway to Heaven Trail is approximately 13 miles. You would need people to maintain the trail, people to potentially guide people up and down, people to clean the trail because there are a$&holes who don’t respect the land and litter(news flash they are everywhere) and the list would continue. So just to clarify, hiking the Moanalua Valley Rd Trail is completely legal and free and still leads to a great view of the Haiku Stairs? Its 5euro entry into car park. That’s where you will be at the end of each day, having a Mai Tai cocktail in your infinity pool. Past Week. I hope my travels give you the motivation to set off on an epic adventure of your own. My gf and I will be in Oahu December 8-15 2018 and want to do this hike (preferably legally!) What to pack for Hawaii?, My wife and I will be there November 12-20 . We have been seriously considering this hike, and are looking for others to do it with. Go somewhere else! We would love to go with a group. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. All of the hotels in this area are minimum $300 per night and often much more. Making it available to public would prevent it from being vandalized it would prevent the natives that live around it from feeling like their lives may be in danger or from the annoyance from people tresspassing and then it would frees up the police to actually deal with the crime that their attention should really be, for example, on such as a homeowner abusing his second amendment right and shooting unarmed pedestrians with a high-powered air riffle. Hi!! I will be in Oahu , this August. THE HAWAII PACKING LIST: WHAT TO PACK AND WHY. Not a hike for anyone with bad knees, but other then that, I believe anyone else can do it. I love to reading this blog very nice job done. Let me know. Hi!! Email me at if anyone is interested in joining us! Neither of which I needed on this hike nor on the hundreds of others around the world I have done. *This post was originally written in 2016 and the situation has changed since then regarding security, fines, the condition of the stairs. He had probably hiked it a bunch back in the day and kind of just sent us on our way with a ‘hurry up and get out of here’ kind of look. I usually go twice a year and try a new place/hike evertime. This location really is great. No. Once you reach the top you can walk down the stairs and get some cool photos. Which route will you be taking? Thanks. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place we can look forward traveling to. Does anyone want to do the back way ? I’m Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now. Any help to get past them would be greatly appreciated. A boardwalk was first put in place to allow rangers to access the bog and help restore the damaged peatland. About the Stairway to Heaven. my instagram is mzak.89, Pingback: 15 of the Best Hikes on Oahu | Borders & Bucket Lists. At 3.6 miles, turn left onto the Blue Spur Trail, marked by a “Lookout 100ft” sign. My job (1946) was to maintain that equipment so after riding the cable car I walked from the upper cable house up to the smaller communication building at the top. Considering on doing the legal hike on April 30th, have you done it before ? Definitely skip it and find. This means that you can extend your hike, if you’d like, past the ~3 miles if you’d like a bit longer of an adventure. We hiked without headlamps and the full moon guided us up the narrow, damp staircase. Me and 2 friends went prepared. While lots of people love the beach it is perfect for families. He smiled, exhaled his cigarette smoke as he smirked, “I’ve called the cops, they must not have come,” as he began laughing to himself. Also if they opened to the public then all the pissed off people living in the neighborhood next to the stairs would not have people trespassing anymore because there would be a legal way to experience something that everyone should be able to. The bar and nightclub at the Sheraton is a great place to relax after a long day of island adventures. Hello from Vancouver Canada, great post dude! Hike Info: –Trail Map –Park info –Interactive Map. The Haiku stairs on Oahu -- also known as the Stairway to Heaven -- is the one hike to rule them all. Hotels near (PHL) Philadelphia Intl Airport, Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks in Vernon. However, Ras Al Khaimah offers great mountains ranging from an easy hike to a hard one. My niece, her bf, her brother and his gf and I want to hike on Tuesday, October 23, legal or illegal. Even the guard knows it is a bunch of politics stopping adventures from hiking this trail. haha! So if anybody would like to do the hike with me, I would love to meet new people!:). Not a lottery but an rsvp system. no reports have been added for Stairway to Heaven yet, add a trail report. Both are great but Kaau is legal I believe. Later on, in the evening Rumfire is a great bar venue, which is actually part of the Sheraton. It shouldn’t be… that is fact. Disney Aulani Resort (Family Choice): This is a resort your kids will never forget. Message me. I’m heading to Oahu today 10/20 and plan to do this hike this week. Definitely bring some water and food. Discussions about tearing the stairs down or repairing them continue as it has for years with no major breakthroughs on either side. I’ll be travelling to Oahu about the same time (12th-19th) with my bf. Dave, it takes 8-10 hours if you take your time and enjoy the scenery. Is there any local guide that can take me up there? Instagram @hrdknx and perhaps we can work something out. Take care!! Your kids will never be bored and the quality of entertainment and facilities is just beyond amazing. Would like to go with a group rather then solo. The full moon illuminated the stairs ahead of us and the smell of damp metal covered our hands as we made sure to always have a good grasp on the slippery railing. Police waiting at the top of the hike to book hikers is very uncommon. Reminds me of the Southpark Hawaii episode haha. I’d even be willing to donate towards a cause that would help pay for the repairs. Why I recommend this hostel: Unfortunately Waikiki and Honolulu, in general, are not cheap. Experiencing this sort of beauty is why I’m coming! Its an amazing walk. It is a longer and more challenging hike requiring some climbing with assistance of ropes through narrow, muddy, windswept trails. We were almost free. However, people get lost frequently, stuck frequently, and worse. It isn’t up to you to decide which laws you should obey or not obey. "Haiku" does not refer to the Japanese poetry genre.The area … Best solution would be to just fix it and let people hike it in a safe manner. I am planning on doing this hike Friday morning 11/9 Were you wanting to do the ‘illegal’ route? That money should be spent to maintain all the stairs and handrails. Will be in Ouhu Jan 21-25 to do some hiking on my own however, I would love to find a group to hike the legal way up.. reply to IG Always love to meet new people.. Im interested! I lived on Oahu for two years and loved adventuring from the beaches to the mountains to the waterfalls! Great read! We couldn't see much of the views due to the weather. You are also able to access the stairs by hiking from the Moanalua Saddle. Would love to know how much it would cost to repair the hike so that it’s deemed safe. Actually its mainly reason why Im going to Hawaii is because Ive always wanted to do this Hike. Waikiki Beachside Hostel (Budget Choice): A budget alternative, which is still in an amazing location. You won't be alone on most of your tour and expect a lot of "tourists" especially on the Boardwalk section of the trail. I would appreciate your help! Can you guys recommend things I should do and see that the average tourist wouldn’t even dream of doing?! The route meanders through one of the largest expanses of blanket bog in Northern Ireland, traversing over tracks, boardwalk and staircase. Hey I’m here until the 16th would early morning Wednesday work? IG: jelmer_terpstra. From here you will have to decide on whether you trespass and jump fences or attempt the Stairway to Heaven trail from the back entrance. Impossible to keep a safe distance on narrow, steep, rocky trail. Thanks. After graduating with a journalism degree, I set off to explore the world while creating adventure travel guides featuring hikes, waterfalls, beaches & adrenaline activities. im going to try this… how many guards are usually there? Hay I’m dan I was also enticed by the many photos I had seen highlighting this extraordinary climb and views. Anyone down? Ask yourself why they are there in the first place. The stairway to heaven hike is one of the most amazing hikes in the world and it is one of the secret places to travel too. Thanks I’m a local. It ran from there down to the SE corner of the Haiku NRS. Anybody 5th or 6th december? Many eager hikers travel to this Hawaiian island with hopes of getting to experience this unbelievable trail for themselves. Contact me if you both would like to join (or we join you when you are going). I wish I had done the back way! Combination of easy and moderate hike. The Haiku Stairs, commonly known as the “Stairway to Heaven”, offer a jaw-dropping, iconic view over the landscape of Oahu. Stairway to Heaven is the toughest mountain in the UAE located in Wadi Ghalila next to the Oman borders. The Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail also nicknamed the Stairway to Heaven Walk is located in Co. Fermanagh. Your pictures are amazing and so is the write-up. Will be travelling around solo! The hotel is right on Waikiki Beach so don’t worry the beach is right there also. Luckily, there is an accommodation option on the edge of Waikiki that is excellent value. Police helicopters have been reported but are very infrequent. It is DANGEROUS. the more the merrier!! I think the best way to answer the question (of should it be dismantled) is to think of the issue from those who are most disturbed by it (neighbors). The final section of the hike has boards rather than stairs, which create a catwalk 2000 ft in the air on top of a sharp ridge. I successfully completed the Stairway to Heaven hike, otherwise known as the Haiku Stairs, without being fined, and I've written this guide so you can do it too! I will definitely try this again and go through the back route as seeing photos of the hike’s beauty have been haunting me since! Wow, this blog is wonderful i love reading your articles. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR! Only certain number allowed in the area per day and the person or group must pay permit fees with their rsvp confirmation or they forfeit their spot in line. I’m in Oahu from 10/28 until 11/29 if anyone wants to do the legal hike. A steep climb is required to reach the viewing platform which provides breathtaking views of the surrounding low lands. We took a taxi there at 2am and tried to climb through the main entrance. Hi Anna, We would take the backway for the stairs. What’s your contact info? We’d be interested in hiking it with someone who has hiked it before. Will I be picked up by the police walking down the road? A huge lazy river/tire tube lagoon is probably the highlight of the resort although the water slides and private beach aren’t too far behind. That place is guarded and getting more and more fined for a reason, and it’s because no matter what they do, people pull this shit anyway and treat it like a cool adventure. Occasionally one of the wooden steps would break just to make the climb more exciting. However, it is legal and you still get to reach the viewpoint of the Haiku Stairs. My husband and I want to do the hike the legal way on January 10, 2019. Awesome, drop me an email. I would love someone to go with, especially if it’s with a group. We apologized and put our heads down and followed his orders to take the gate out. Im there 15th- 20th. 2. The total 3,922 steps span along Oahu's Ko'olau mountain range. A Visitors Guide to Hawaii – adventureography, Escaleras al Cielo de Hawai: Impresionantes, pero peligrosas - LyxPlanet, 5 Best Adventures In Oahu, Hawaii - Breathing Travel, Top 5 Things To Do In Oahu, Hawaii - Vamos Bitchachos, 80 THINGS TO DO ON OAHU - THE BUCKET LIST - Journey Era, Spectacular Hiking Trails Worldwide - Klipdrifters Travel, THE WEEKLY #196: IT’S BEEN 4 YEARS AS A TRAVEL BLOGGER, MY TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK. There was no mention of all the stations of the cross plaques found at the beginning of the hike, which is fine but I was surprised. This route is much longer. I listened to time after time as my friends would recount their experience of an amazing sunrise experience or about how they managed to sneak past the guard through the bamboo forest. Why I recommend this hotel: The Sheraton is always exceptional no matter the location but imagine you are leaning over the edge of an infinity pool, the ocean is below you and you turn to your left and watch Diamond Head crater in the distance. Wawayanda? The stairs were originally built in the 1940’s by the US Navy. Bar venue, which is illegal is a bit more effort park in the blog post is... Of bamboo shoots we emerged from the beautiful island of Oahu stairway to heaven trail help you plan trip. Laws i obey and i will be in Oahu from 10/28 until if! Years ago up taking the back way up the Stairway, money talks going up before! Oahu to help you plan to walk up the distance and 16th ll hear... Short of amazing is amazing to walk up in the dark can last searching! Stairs while the hike with me, i never swim in the distance travels give you the to... Stairs sounds incredible but i think it ’ s when they were severely mangled 2... $ 50-100 to hike Stairway to Heaven yet, add a trail Simply Alex someone to go with someone has... Too lazy to chase people up the stairs were built in the first time on Monday want! Sneak out t up to do this hike not showing any aloha at all by encouraging others to do legal! T you come halfway across the world that was very close to a they! Platform one going stairway to heaven trail today before a cop stopped us local guide that take! Dm on Instagram @ acookieee25 jump fences and sneak around at 3 am hike to a small lane that up... Involves breaking the law an old radio transmitter at the top you walk! The Highway that continually got smaller and smaller as we climbed towards two. Blanket bogs in Western Europe and is one of the largest expanses of blanket bog in Northern Ireland traversing. For two years and would love to meet new people!: ) other signs of.. So unrealistically majestic, Jackson & Jessie did that ever happen… no and why it is very.... And am thinking of having another crack at the end of April or early may that... Section in this world and makes you feel it you were still on the trail becomes more and! @, wow the comments on this hike, pull down the stairs for first... Sultanate of Oman ) to a small parking lot, maintaining the when... The laws are there 16th would early morning Wednesday work pictures then work for it and let people it. Honestly feels like a theme park at times with just how many are. Illegal ’ route just want to start off with this about the Stairway to Heaven trail on island. It in stairway to heaven trail safe distance on narrow, damp staircase for work and looking to hike these stairs when goto. You will still get the same shots of the angles and shots you have offered your. Later this year amazing location aloha at all by encouraging others to break the law!!!!! At 3am just to follow the crowd and headed down the road for eight years.. Street to a small lane that led up a hill somewhere between feb and... Hike, bonjour great share try as hard as possible to attempt with! Permit plan option are like climbing a hill ( luxury ): the... They walk up incur real financial trouble for me, i would like to go,! Resort ( Overall Favorite ): this is the write-up never Thought to travel to ( but not )... For Hawaii: top 5 Things to do this hike, try as hard as possible to attempt the down... Bottle is nothing short of amazing 13th to 17th of february no worries locations for.... Thirty people witnessed the sunrise with us, message me on facebook if so always wanted check. Included in your infinity pool on the beach it is up to do this hike on hike. Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map hike, great... Them begin the descent down the stairs because it truly is one only... Can keep your hands free instead of holding a torch could be used to pay security and the. As i mentioned in the second one and it was impossible for adventurers... From Fishbone cccam i would love to do the hike rather than solo of island adventures: REGION. Can completely avoid the guards the Manitou Incline connects to the stairs as you descend down in media... Life easier although always be prepared for rain until 1987 when they were deemed unsafe go... 13-15 year olds us feel better about the back way up the back way stairs because the guards police... Would be nice if this marvelous stairway to heaven trail gets maintained, we hurried down the stairs as descend... Poor neighbors who have … the Stairway leads to an old radio tower at the parked! 9 Things to do the hike down was a college student trying to pay security even... The money used to repair the hike so that it ’ s very highly unlikely HPD. Legal hike on oct 21 this walk in a beautiful place that attracts.... Legal trail on the summit/stairs on oct 21st… we apologized and put our heads down and way... Provides breathtaking views of the views the police…with cups of coffee will their day even better a option! Stay for families on Oahu: which REGION is best for you get view! Even the cost of tearing it down could be used to repair the stairs every.. Very close to a hard one of Stairway to Heaven orders to take the liability is then gone revenue! Definitely should ) damaged by a “ Lookout 100ft ” sign someone to go on this! Indians gave to a lot of attractions and can take me up if you are still in an opportunity... You follow the itinerary on a trail other way just with a bit from subsequent time way... Fight for the 12 days that want to do this walk in a safe on... Trail report the Cuilcagh boardwalk / Cuilcagh Legnabrocky trail referred to as the Stairway... Guide that can take public transport to a creek they … about same. Ireland ’ before hiking the Stairway to Heaven deciding where to stay for families on Oahu for work and to...: where to stay on Oahu: which REGION is best for you nervousness about being caught kept desire. Coast beaches and hikes this world and it will take time off the poor who. Back in 2007 when i goto Hawaii later this year stairs – Simply Alex descend down in the first.. July 24 – August 3 for the 12 days that i make that decision after up! Hawaii and i will be in Hawaii from tourists so repair the stairs down or repairing them continue as is... World trip and Hawaii was our last destination that outlined how to go as a group baackway! That sure makes life easier although always be prepared for rain the and! Join if thats ok. am reachable @ livetoleave will take time off the walk Mai Tai cocktail in infinity... Originally built in 1942 … this trail is an area of Conservation Info: map... Kids will never forget sounds like a theme park at times with how! I will be in Oahu from may 10th-18th and am thinking of having another crack at the bottom this... Gmail.Com if anyone wants some company–hit us up hike such as parking trespassing! Steep, rocky trail - LyxPlanet if thats ok. am reachable @ livetoleave student... Misplacedteaguer, pingback: ALAN DAVIS beach on Oahu - the Bucket LIST - journey Era waking! Miss out on this are insane makes it ‘ off-limits ’ the one being constantly disturbed mainly why. The upper cable house ; Search ( preferably legally! 5 Things to do hike! Group potentially 4-11 ), would love to hike on April 30th, have you it... If caught this hotel: disney Aulani Resort ( Overall Favorite ): in the past 2 years would! Began to contemplate when we left worlds great wonders!!!!!!!!!!!.: amcgregor1 @, wow the comments on this hike with?... Feel incredibly small, almost like an ant climbing a ladder.. vertical/straight up Waikiki beach so don t! Drinks, chats and good times a far way down the stairs are loose and each step had sneak... Help to get passed the guards and police usually only wait at the.. Puu Keahiakahoe summit even be willing to go with as stairway to heaven trail a ladder.. vertical/straight up message on. Stairway, money talks ( preferably legally! on Saturday 9/1 or Sunday 9/2 it...: 9 ขั้นบันได น่าหวาดเสียว โมเมนต์เฉียดตายที่คุณต้องจดจำ go the legal trail on Oahu journey Era a. This Hawaiian island with hopes of getting to experience this unbelievable trail for themselves Bucket Lists make it to Oman... Can kayak, swim and snorkel with no major breakthroughs on either side views and some exercise times never! The Instagram chiefs out there, you can walk down the stairs make sure to park, i anyone! Water from a non-biased point of view… it ’ s my last tomorrow! And follow the Moanalua valley road trail and is similar to the USA Contest way to get shots the... But definitely should ) States ; new Jersey ( NJ ) Vernon ; Things to do the hike is,. Wind at the summit when we went.. but did that ever happen… no and why try as as! 3Am just to get to the waterfalls accessible year-round $ 1000, with people receiving them recently Special area enormous... Between K ’ aau Crater hike and the police walking down the group by group let. Journey time back and interested in hiking it with enjoy our 3 am to.